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Working with a shelf is contrary to fuss

Retail is detail. This rule is well known by the old-timers and trendsetters of the FMCG market. They know for sure that the lack of attention to trading shelf during a merchandiser’s visit to the outlet shall be very quickly reflected in sales reports. New products, new design of packages, new categories appear on the shelves next to your products every day, brands-competitors in any way try to attract a 100% buyers attention to their goods.


Not the fastest, but scrupulous merchandiser can win in this race. An unambiguous answer shall always be made to the question on the most important thing in a merchandiser’s work: layout of the goods and quality work with the trading shelf. This is followed by data collection, residues removal, expiration dates checking. There are many tasks and outlets along the merchandiser’s route to be completed within one working day.


Tasks in hand


It was very important for STV to get a tool that would help to optimize the merchandisers work and monitor their working day in order to use it with maximum efficiency. One of the main requests was speeding receipt of accounting information from the shelf by the office to quickly respond to the situation in the outlets and regulate pricing policy.


The following tasks were set before us:

  • accounting and control of actual hours of work at the outlet;
  • remote control / monitoring of dedicated personnel in remote cities;
  • routes optimization between outlets (reducing the time spent on travel with the subsequent redistribution of the released time to work with the shelf);
  • increased shelf life due to reduced reporting time;
  • staff development – online access to the current knowledge base;
  • speed of tasks implementation and getting of reporting information.






We always build our relationships with customers on trust, and clients respond to us in the same way. "Whatever happens, our applications are solved quite quickly, and the new functionality is developed as quickly as possible. It's nice to work with such a partner", Irina Klyuchnikova noted.




STV LLC is the official distributor of the "Procter & Gamble" company in the Eastern region of Ukraine. Central office of the company is located in Kharkov, with its branches in Poltava, Kremenchug, Sumy, Chernigov, Cherkassy, Kropivnitsk, Nikolaev and Kherson. Today the company serves a significant part of Ukraine – the territory with the population of 7.5 million people.




effie> services are designed for effective interaction "supplier-outlet": effie>sales – IT-service of sales management in traditional retail, effie> merchandise – IT-service of sales management in national networks. The services analytics system allows you to analyze the most important reports.

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