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effie> traditional trade

Sales management in traditional retail for FMCG manufacturers
Planning and fixing a sales strategy
Strategy implementation in points of sale, collecting information and taking orders
Analytics based on image recognition by artificial intelligence
Our clients results:
Sales growth
Promo lauch
Implementation of distribution plans
Discipline of POS visiting
effie> traditional trade - IT-service for the systematic sales management in traditional retail

The manufacturer or distributor of FMCG goods in effie> can define sales plans, trading conditions, and promotional programs for effective interaction with retail chains. According to the configured business processes and routes, the work with coverage is performed: receiving orders, working with payments and receivables, working with a shelf, collecting information, photo report, stitching, inventory. Information that gets into the service: on taken orders, promo performance, the fulfillment of agreements by POS (perfect store, gold store, etc.), competitors' activities, employee discipline, payments, is converted into visualized multi-level management reports.


All photographs can be analyzed by a neural network to verify and confirm the real situation in retail chains.


The chatbot allows the manager, without installing additional applications, to receive any information about the status of agreements and representation in retail outlets and set tasks for implementation.



Thus, the manufacturer achieves the maximum level of control of the entire sales management process in the traditional retail channel. Based on the information received, the producer or distributor can make effective management decisions and manage sales in traditional trade.


The service is based on the methodology for managing processes and achieving the goals of PDCA "Plan-Do-Check-Act" - "planning-action-checking-adjustment". By organizing in effie> a full-cycle process from the creation of a sales strategy to its implementation and continuous analysis of results with the ability to quickly adjust tactical tasks, the producer is constantly improving sales management processes.


More than 100 analytical dashboards and various cases are available in the service, including:
Orders and efficiency management:
  • Orders analysis
  • Receivable accounts monitoring
  • Inventory
  • POS recommended for Store Check
  • Store Check
  • Price monitoring and comparison with competitors
  • Price changes dynamics
  • Сompliance POS with the "Perfect Store" standards or other standards and agreements
  • Promo monitoring
  • Competitor's activities
Planning and control of the mobile teams work:
  • Expanding sales coverage
  • Routes accuracy
  • "Picture" of visit to point of sale
  • Effectiveness of visits POS by sales representative
  • Task accomplishment accuracy
  • Time sheet
  • «Truant» report
  • Visits efficiency
  • Teams and employees ratings
  • Reports on the involvement supervisors and KAMs in processes and the management of teams and sales
Service includes:
  • Using effie> software

  • Monthly service updates based on clients feedback and product roadmap

  • Employee training: at the start and new employees who joined later

  • Multilingual 24/7 call center support

  • Unlimited consultations of Business Analysts (analysis of the problem areas and suggestions for improvement)

  • Directory administration

  • Microsoft Azure infrastructure to host the service

  • Photo recognition module (optional)

Fast free start
Data and photo reports authenticity
Image recognition by neural network
No payments for functional development
Using effie> we were able to digitize our agreements and visualization goals in retail, broadcast it to mobile teams, consolidate real information and use it in analytics.
Yevheniy Liubimov the Head of the Business Transformation Department PepsiCo
We see a real assessment of each pharmacy, thanks to the consolidated information and the ability to track its dynamics of compliance and compliance with all internal standards of our network
Improving the quality of work in retail chains, data purity and completeness of reports are our pride. This is the best argument that enhances customer loyalty, and an undeniable advantage when communicating with potential customers. Thanks effie>
They took a step forward:
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Start a pilot and find out:
  • Efficiency of sales representatives visits

  • Percentage of real data in reporting you receive from retail chains

  • What is the real percentage of launching promotional activities in retail chains

  • Information about the activity and pricing policy of competitors

IPLAND has successfully confirmed the compliance of its processes with the international standard ISO 27001: 2013

We, IPLAND, have successfully passed a certification audit and confirmed the compliance of our processes with the international standard ISO 27001: 2013.

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