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effie> retail

Organization and control of internal standards of the retail chain, franchise chain
Standards and control processes modeling
Self-reporting by employees at the places (shops, gas stations, etc.)
Regional managers and KAD automation
Consolidated analytics about real "fields" situation
Results of our clients:
Auditors and regional managers visits discipline
Standards fulfillment at the places
Stores perform a self audit with effie> retail
effie> retail - IT-service for managing internal standards for retail chains FMCG, Drogerie, electronics, gas stations, as well as for franchise chains


A retailer or franchise owner can simulate in effie> the processes for monitoring compliance with internal standards at points of sale and service. Based on the standards, the service automatically creates business processes for employees of sales areas and control personnel (auditors, regional managers, KAD) to organize implementation and control.


Employees at the places fulfill the requirements according to the standards, fulfill the instructions of the head office, confirm the fulfillment with photographs, and fill out the questionnaires. Based on the information, entered into the service, visualized multi-level management reports and ratings are automatically generated.


The chatbot allows the manager, without installing additional applications, to receive any information about affairs status in sales halls and points of service, to assess compliance, and set tasks for implementation in the case of a negative rate.


Thus, the retail chain or the franchise owner achieves the maximum level of control over the implementation of the brand strategy through adherence to the intended format and attributes. Based on the received information, the retail chain or the franchise owner can make effective management decisions and manage the chain's development, organize the work of their employees (including mobile ones) or employees of contractors and franchisees.


The service is based on the methodology for managing processes and achieving the goals of PDCA "Plan-Do-Check-Act" - "planning-action-checking-adjustment". By organizing in effie> a full-cycle process from the creation of a strategy to its implementation and continuous analysis of results with the ability to quickly adjust tactical tasks, the chain is constantly improving standards management processes. 


Improving service quality and increasing customer loyalty through standards implementation
With effie> retail you can control:
  • Shop exterior
  • Sales area: cleanliness and integrity of shelves/showcases/walls/ceiling/floor/office equipment
  • Compliance of the employees appearance of with the requirements
  • Goods storage: temperature regime, arrival time
  • Goods laying out in the warehouse (placement in the warehouse, including defects, expired)
  • Cashwrap state (cleanliness, absence of outside objects)
  • Management and control of the service of the administrative and maintenance part
  • Compliance with sanitary and other standards with considering COVID-19
  • Availability of the necessary documentation in the store
  • Assignments setting and control
  • Automation of the controller's workplace in the office
  • Discipline control of mobile employees (KAD, RM, Curators)
  • Field training, employee testing
  • File management for employees throuth mobile app
  • Stores and managers ratings on standard compliance, based on store self-report, department audit visits, quality department, curators
Benefits of effie> retail:
  • Quick free start
  • Fixed fee for the agreed volume
  • Data and photo reports authenticity
  • GPS coordinates are taken at the beginning and at the end of the visit/working day, and background
  • Protection from Fake GPS; time and time zone shifting
  • Transparent budjet without hidden payments
  • No capital investments
  • No payments for service launch
  • No fees for Business Analysts consulting
  • No fees for service development
  • Fast standards changes, launching new processes within days
  • Compliance with ISO 27001 safety standards
They took a step forward:
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effie> is undoubtedly a successful cooperation from the first day of the partnership. Thanks to this digitalization, we have successfully optimized many of the company's business processes and continue to do so
For us effie> - a tool that allows us to constantly improve the quality of processes and get visible results from monitoring our standards and agreements implementation
We see a real assessment of each pharmacy, thanks to the consolidated information and the ability to track its dynamics of compliance and compliance with all internal standards of our network
Service includes:
  • Using effie> software

  • Monthly service updates based on clients feedback and product roadmap

  • Employee training: at the start and new employees who joined later

  • Multilingual 24/7 call center support

  • Unlimited consultations of Business Analysts (analysis of the problem areas and suggestions for improvement)

  • Directory administration

  • Microsoft Azure infrastructure to host the service

IPLAND has successfully confirmed the compliance of its processes with the international standard ISO 27001: 2013

We, IPLAND, have successfully passed a certification audit and confirmed the compliance of our processes with the international standard ISO 27001: 2013.

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