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Execution and control of Trade Marketing strategies
Planning and fixing of Trade Marketing strategies
Organization of implementation and control in pharmacies
Analytics based on image recognition by artificial intelligence
Pharmacy chains
2 370
Photos per month
Continuous coverage expansion
Systematic implementation of processes for managing Trade Marketing activities and standards

With the service effie> pharm IPLAND helps to pharmaceutic producers organize a completely closed cycle of managing the execution of its own Trade Marketing strategy in pharmacy and helps to pharmacy chain to control its internal standards.


The service is based on artificial intelligence technologies: image recognition by neural networks with the automatic interpretation of data, obtained from photos, into analytical reports.


IPLAND receives all agreed with pharmacy chain agreements of shelving and visualization and makes all necessary settings in service, including neural networks training for photo recognition.  


For each pharmacy, IPLAND provides a device (smartphone) with installed effie> service software.


With an agreed frequency, as a rule, once a week, a pharmacy representative, for example, a manager, sees agreements in the mobile application that are the subject for implementation and a photo report in the form of simple and clear steps and questions. The need for reporting is also a trigger for agreements implementation. 


Reporting on agreement takes no more than five minutes for all categories in the pharmacy.


IPLAND makes every effort to provide training, feedback, and reminders to systematically execute the described process.


Collected photographs are automatically processed by neural networks, and the data from the photographs are interpreted into complex analytics, which, first of all, is available to the pharmacy chain to understand the implementation of agreements and the display as a whole.


Working with effie> pharm (including through the use of telephones provided), the pharmacy chain has the ability to launch projects to control the internal standards of the pharmacy chain, both by the staff of pharmacies and through mobile employees, such as Regional Managers, employees of the Audit Department.

IPLAND is a third independent party to organize and confirm compliance with agreements and standards
The manufacturer manages:
  • Agreements with pharmacy chains
  • Assortment presence and the reasons for its absence
  • Shelf share
  • Promo starts
  • Equipment inventory
  • Remains
  • Any POSM
  • Planogramming
The pharmacy chain manages:
  • Agreements with producers
  • Pharmacy exterior
  • Sales floor
  • Compliance of the employee's appearance with the standards
  • Relevant documentation availability
  • Goods storage
  • Discipline control of mobile employees (RM, Curators etc)
  • Field education
  • File management for employees via a mobile application
  • Planogramming
IPLAND does:
  • Access to effie> pharm software
  • Functional development based on feedback within the product development map
  • Providing pharmacies with technical means
  • Administration of directories and making agreements
  • Setting up and updating of the service's business-logic according to clients processes
  • Training users to work with the service
  • Photo recognition by a neural network
  • Enforcement of discipline on timeliness of reporting
  • 24/7 support and users consulting
  • Business Analyst consulting
Benefits for pharmacies:
  • Guaranteed payment in the agreed amount of marketing funds, according to reporting
  • The ability to provide services across the entire coverage of the pharmacy chain, and not only, if possible, controlled by medical representatives
  • Simplification of the reporting process for the manufacturer
  • The ability for effective management a large number of pharmacies
  • Service quality improving and increasing of the customer loyalty through standards fulfillment
  • Monitoring of all mobile employees work
  • Minimization of penalties by monitoring compliance with legal requirements
Benefits for manufacturer:
Minimization of penalties by monitoring compliance with legal requirements
Reducing the cost of visits of auditors and medical representatives, reports preparation
Sale-in and Sale-out growth
100% Control of all coverage four times a month, regardless of pharmacy location
Investments protection in Trade Marketing activities
100% of Photos are automatically checked by a neural network, excluding the human factor
Thanks to the service, we received a tool to manage agreements in pharmacies and prompt collection of information on their implementation. Thus, we have increased the discipline of calculation and reporting on it in our network
effie> is undoubtedly a successful cooperation from the first day of the partnership. Thanks to this digitalization, we have successfully optimized many of the company's business processes and continue to do so
For us effie> - a tool that allows us to constantly improve the quality of processes and get visible results from monitoring our standards and agreements implementation
We see a real assessment of each pharmacy, thanks to the consolidated information and the ability to track its dynamics of compliance and compliance with all internal standards of our network
We are glad that we were the first in the pharmaceutical industry to start working in this direction with IPLAND. It is a truly innovative company that adapts effie> capabilities taking into account the specifics and needs of our industry
Irina Zhuravleva Standards and Procedures Implementation Manager TEVA
The introduction of effie> allowed us to raise the company’s standard in the “Modern Trade” channel to a new level of management, to harmonize the real actions of mobile employees with their motivation system
Yevheniy Liubimov the Head of the Business Transformation Department PepsiCo
effie> helped us to simplify monitoring of our presence in stores and improved understanding of situation in points of sales in different regions. It is very flexible and convenient tool, which is easily adapted to the business needs
Svitlana Mikhno Head of Category&Channel Sales Development Department Nestle
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Benefits of effie> pharm using:
  • Subscriptions to innovation 

  • The expertise of a Business Analyst who works with you on an ongoing basis

  • Full administration of directories and settings by IPLAND

  • Rapid changes to standards, launching new processes within days

  • Help in the formation of reporting discipline

  • No capital investment and additional payments

  • Project launch up to 2 weeks

  • Free service updates

  • Reducing human participation by using artificial intelligence

  • Compliance with ISO 27001 

  • IPLAND provides all pharmacies by phones

  • Full service, not only software

Evgeny Lyubimov: “Who owns the information, he owns the world’. And there is a serious challenge for us because you can analyze information to the state of “Analysis Paralysis”

Transformation Manager PepsiCo UA Evgeny Lyubimov about the experience of standards management processes automating in the company and what does it give them.

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