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IT-service for brand and sales management
Management Analytics
Flexible business process constructor
Step-by-step task execution at the POS
Our clients results
First month sales growth
Fulfillment of the supplier-network arrangements
On shelf availability accordance
The discipline of visiting POS
Transition to a new level of FMCG sales

effie> - an IT service for systematic brand and sales management on store shelves where the first moment of truth takes place: the buyer makes a choice and the product becomes a purchase. Its functionality allows you to manage and control the process of FMCG sales in the VIP chains. With it, you can in real time control the availability and shelf life of a product, the share of a shelf (faces), analyze changes in prices for your own products and competitors' products.


The service allows you to plan and control the route and working day of not only merchandisers, but also supervisors, other employees of the merchandising department. effie> makes it possible to optimize the work of the merchandising department, reduce vehicle mileage and fuel costs.


Increase efficiency today, without capital investment!

What opportunitis effie> gives:
Web-analytics with vizualization:
  • Mobile employees efficiency;
  • Virtual store-check
  • On shelf availability accordance;
  • Prices monitoring and comparison with competitors;
  • Price changes dynamics;
  • Promo monitoring;
  • Facings accordance;
  • Products shelf life monitoring;
  • Recommended POS for store-check
Process setup:
  • Routes creating routes for the day, week, month;
  • Visit steps for each POS;
  • Questionnaire creation for information collecting;
  • Checklists creation;
Mobile application:
  • Photo reports creation and sending;
  • Providing any survays;
  • Price‑monitoring, collection of information on representation and faces;
  • Product rotation by expiration date;
  • Assessment of shelf space;
  • Standard assortment management;
  • Barcode scanning;
  • POS sensus;
  • KPI monitoring;
  • Setting and monitoring of the assignment execution;
  • GPS control of the POS visits.
Start a pilot use
and find our:
  • Where do merchandising budgets go ‑ field team effectiveness;
  • The percentage of real data in the reporting that you receive from the store shelves;
  • What is the real percentage of the arrangement fulfillment by the chains (shelf share; faces; POSM, etc.);
  • As a clear implementation and monitoring of tasks increases the ROI of trade marketing initiatives and sale-out.
Control arrangements
in retail chains
  • Shel share, assortment, prices and expiration dates of your brands and competitors'
  • Trade Marketing activities
  • Automatic recommendation on store-checks
Mobile employees discipline control
  • Business-processes constructor to the step
  • Setting of goals and tasks
  • GPS and Time tracking of all activities
Brand management
on the analytic basis
  • Online data collection without manipulation
  • Intelligent analytics with visualization
    for quick decision making
  • Product and team KPI management
Using effie> we were able to digitize our agreements and visualization goals in retail, broadcast it to mobile teams, consolidate real information and use it in analytics.
Yevheniy Liubimov the Head of the Business Transformation Department PepsiCo
Improving the quality of work in retail chains, data purity and completeness of reports are our pride. This is the best argument that enhances customer loyalty, and an undeniable advantage when communicating with potential customers. Thanks effie>
Our aspiration is the highest and best level of task fulfillment, but sometimes this is not enough for sales. The effie> service allows you to prevent risks that directly affect the growth of product sales
Taras Skorupskiy the Head of Marketing and Business Development Office TM KABANOSY
I would also like to note the work of IPLAND with clients. Although problems rarely occurred, all applications were carried out professionally and as promptly as possible.
effie> helped us to simplify monitoring of our presence in stores and improved understanding of situation in points of sales in different regions. It is very flexible and convenient tool, which is easily adapted to the business needs
Svitlana Mikhno Head of Category&Channel Sales Development Department Nestle
The effie> dashboard displays the most important metrics that show the overall sales status of the company. Any data became available: for each employee, each distribution network, each retail chain, each type of product, at any time
Aleksandr National Director of the Group of Companies Snack Production
The team do everything very quickly. If we have a problem, we can write about the problem in the program itself. Within an hour, we get feedback, and we always know whether it was a problem with the program or with an employee
Evgeniy Stolyarov Head of Key Account Department Ecosoft
Whatever happens, our applications are resolved quite quickly, and the new effie> functionality is being developed as quickly as possible. Nice to work with such a partner
Irina Kliuchnikova Regional Leader of the Merchandising Project STV
Analytical information accelerated the process of responding to difficulties in stores and monitoring contractual conditions with networks. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.
One of the benefits of effie> is its dynamic reporting system. We got a unique tool that allows us to quickly make management decisions and control the work of mobile employees
Aleksandr National Director of the Group of Companies Snack Production
Thank you for your cooperation and the provision of quality services. effie> made it possible to organize the effective work of merchandisers, facilitated the process of collecting information on market share, OOS, the presence of APS and the conduct of
The introduction of effie> allowed us to raise the company’s standard in the “Modern Trade” channel to a new level of management, to harmonize the real actions of mobile employees with their motivation system
Yevheniy Liubimov the Head of the Business Transformation Department PepsiCo
With effie> you can take any problem that the company faces in its activities, and sinking to the right level, within 15 minutes get a list of questions that need to be asked to those people who are responsible for a particular sales channel or chain
Vladimir Filonenko the Head of Trade Marketing Department KOMO Ukraine
Having tested effie>, we realized that we got a high-tech tool to control our merchandisers, as well as prices and assortment in retail chain, shelf shares, etc. It is enough to download the software on the tablet and send the merchandiser along the route
Frankly, I did not see any other system, except effie>, which allowed me to get to a particular store and ask a specific question to a particular merchandiser or a specific KAM, or send a request to the network to find out the reason
Vladimir Filonenko the Head of Trade Marketing Department KOMO Ukraine
As a result of introducing effie> we gained confidence in tomorrow. Sales growth in the first month of putting the program into operation amounted to 126%, and this encourages us
Illarion Bezerku Business Processes Engineer, Department of Modern Trade Bon Boisson Beverages
effie> merchandise handled all the tasks perfectly. This service was the answer to all our questions. With it, now we can control the attendance and quality of work in retail chains
Irina Kliuchnikova the Regional Leader on Merchandising Project STV
effie> - a high-quality quick response tool that allows you to properly manage sales to achieve great results
Optimization of the work of merchandisers allowed to save an hour of employee’s working time every day, and besides this, the merchandiser did not have to spend non-working time on solving any working issues, because everything is automated
Aleksey Efimenko the Head of Department Savservice
Thanks to the effie> merchandise service, our merchandisers fulfill all the tasks assigned to them. We got a great tool for monitoring the work of mobile workers in the fields and collecting data
They have become more effective with us:
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Advantages of working with analytics system
  • The single source of truth about the true situation in business;
  • Independent tool without the possibility of manual manipulation;
  • Prompt generation of any report for situation analysis;
  • Transparency and effect relationships, due to which a failure occurred in the process;
  • A single data source for all authorized employees of the company;
  • Convenient and intuitive interface;
  • Save time for employees (reporting) - 72 man-hours per month;
  • You are always confident in the reality of the situation in business.
Vladimir Filonenko, KOMO Ukraine: effie> is a convenient IT solution for all merchandising processes monitoring

For what purpose the well-known cheese manufacturer introduced a new service for managing merchandisers called effie>? Why did the company decide to move away from the usual IT tools and launch the "pilot" of the new product? What characteristics should the "ideal" IT-development have to possess to really help the manufacturer to increase sales in outlets? Answers to these and a number of other issues were voiced by Vladimir Filonenko, Head of the Trade Marketing Department of COMO Ukraine in an interview with TradeMasterUA.

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