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effie> system hardware device requirements

For the correct and uninterrupted operation of any service, it is necessary that the equipment meets the system technical requirements. There are minimum and recommended requirements, what is the difference?


The minimum system requirements are a set of conditions required for the software product to run and operate. However, the presence of minimum system requirements does not negate the ability to run the software on devices that are weaker than the minimum in terms of characteristics.


Recommended System Requirements are a set of characteristics that provide optimal performance for the most of the product's capabilities. However, even if the device meets the recommended system requirements, this does not guarantee the best possible software performance.


We suggest you to familiarize you with the minimum and recommended system requirements for effie> IT service. Please check if the used mobile devices and personal computers are suitable.


Mobile app effie> for Android and iOS




Web for management and analytics effie>



A field worker's mobile phone is the primary work tool that your company can use to effectively manage its POS sales. It's important to take seriously the choice of devices your employees use.


effie> mobile client works correctly on almost all certified mobile devices, but there are exceptions that we, as a mobile application developer, cannot influence.


We draw your attention to the fact that due to the policies of individual manufacturers and technical features of some phone models, we cannot guarantee the stable operation of the effie> mobile client on the following models:


Meizu (Play Market App does not works)

Xiaomi Redme 7a (camera firmware problems)

Xiaomi Redme 6a (camera firmware problems)

Budget Chinese smartphones (Oppo, Doogy etc)


We do our best to ensure that mobile application users do not experience difficulties while working with their mobile devices and make every effort to ensure that this list does not expand.

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