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Snack Production: More time for the main tasks

New plans require the use of completely new technologies, designed to meet the needs of distributors and manufacturers. Snack Production company choose effie> merchandise as such technology – an IT-service of sales management in the national networks, developed in close cooperation with the largest distributors.






The pilot project was launched in Kiev region as early as December 2016. A month later, the first results were obtained – merchandisers discipline increased by 36%, assortment matrix compliance in outlets increased by 8%. Sales in the networks increased by 11% due to dropout decrease, facing and stock increase. During this time, the coverage area increased by 50%, while the time spent on data collection decreased by more than 3 times. Accordingly, supervisors spend more time on-site, monitoring the situation in the outlets.


It was an interesting experiment for Snack Production at first, now the effie> merchandise service will be scaled to whole Ukraine.


"Until recently, our merchandisers and supervisers worked in retail outlets without strict control, entering all the data from shelves into paper tables. This information was entered in Excel, and basic reports понимая were generated on its grounds, – as a result, the procedure took at least a few days. Alexander, National Director of the Snack Production group of companies: "It is difficult to manage with such discipline and reporting speed. Understanding that outdated methods are hindering our sales, we decided to automatize the merchandisers’ and supervisers' work".


"We got an opportunity to control the discipline of mobile employees," – Alexander noted. Thanks to introduction of the routes optimization module, mobile employees of the company went along the laid routes, with time control both on the route and at each outlet. The results were not long in coming:

  • the trade outlets visiting discipline increased from 42% to 78.6%;
  • the time of work in trade outlets doubled from 3 hours 22 minutes to 6 hours 28 minutes;
  • the time of work on the route increased from 4 hours 50 minutes to 8 hours 35 minutes.


"IPLAND specialists trained our employees, both mobile employees and business administrators. It was very important for us not to remain with our problems alone, because there are many merchandisers and everyone could experience difficulties while using the effie> service. In each such situation we get operational support in literal sense of the word."



Snack Production is the largest snacks producer in Ukraine, with its branches in all regional centers. Everybody knows "Big Bob" nuts, "Flint" and "Grenki" croutons, Chipster's chips, "Morskie" fish snacks and "San Sanych" seeds. The company does not stop at this, and is making a large-scale plans for the future – to change the structure of the snack market in Ukraine. Already today an active work on new brands and products market launch without analogues yet, is carried.

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