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IPLAND Information Security Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is consistent with the organization's strategic goals and is the basis for setting information security goals. The policy is aimed at improving the information security management system (hereinafter ISMS) and achieving the following goals:

- Ensuring the continuity of the Company's core business processes.

- Information security risks minimizing.


Information security is determined by ensuring the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information resources.




The Company's senior management oversees information security and provides the necessary resources and facilities for:


- Implementation of risk assessment measures for information security and information security.

- Support, monitoring, analysis and continuous improvement of ISMS.

- Regular training of Company's information security staff.


The Company's employees are personally responsible for compliance with the ISMS requirements and are obliged to report any information breaches in the information security area to the information security manager.


Infringement by the Company's employees of the established information security requirements is regarded as non-compliance with the instructions of the management and is the basis for imposing disciplinary sanction.


The Company maintains a list of confidential information and the responsibility of employees to retain information that they become aware of in connection with the performance of their duties.


ISMS implementation support


The Director hereby declares that all elements of the ISMS implementation will be provided with sufficient resources in order to achieve the goals and objectives set in accordance with this policy, as well as to fulfill all identified requirements and continuous improvement of the ISMS.


Policy dissemination


The Company's information security policy is a public document, made known to employees, and made available to all interested parties on the Company's official website.


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