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effie> sales was successfully implemented by "OselyaBud"

"OselyaBud" is one of the leaders on the construction market of Ukraine, successfully implemented the IT-service for sales management, – effie> sales. The following results were obtained upon implementation:

  • improvement of the presentation quality of new products (due to a convenient electronic catalog);
  • increase in the average check value (a full range of goods is displayed to the buyer);
  • increase in the number of effective orders;
  • increase in the speed of order processing;
  • sales process became manageable;
  • a transparent process of reporting on the marketing activities implementation has been arranged, which guarantees bonus awards from manufacturers.


Along with the introduction of order formation module, modules for routes optimization and questioning were also used. Implementation of the routes optimization module caused a significant evident overload of some mobile employees, which slowed the growth of sales. Correct routs calculation allowed to evenly distribute the load on each employee and cover all outlets.


"Our company was faced with the fact that our employees sell just about 25% of the positions from the wide range of goods. It is difficult to sell the goods, showing the novelties literally "on your fingers." Thanks to introduction of the effie> sales service and a convenient electronic catalog, now we can represent a whole range of goods to our customers.


Outlets accounting and possibility of GPS-coordinates recording during outlet visit by our representative, turned out to be a huge advantage, never experienced before. This allows us to monitor the work of sales representatives, as well as to correctly calculate orders delivery," – said Sergei Stalnikovich, director of the "OselyaBud" company.


Questionnaire module enables the customer to control the goods placement on the shelves in retail outlets and to receive additional bonuses from manufacturers.


A high level of customer’s confidence and attention to its needs is the key to success of any project. It was these qualities that enabled us to successfully implement the IT-service effie> sales in the "OseliaBud" company and launch it into commercial operation.


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