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Инструменты контроля мерчандайзеров - залог успеха

The main task of every company manager is to make the best use of its resources. Anna Firsova, the director of PROMO SERVICE agency, shares her experience on the effie> services use and results obtained.




"In order to make the most efficient use of our resources, it is primarily important to manage the working day of merchandisers. The quality and speed of reporting are of great importance for internal use, distributors and manufacturers, online approach to learning is the key to success in rapid adaptation of employees (employees adaptation) and improvement of work quality at the shelf," she says.




Such tasks are not new for IT services effie>, in particular for effie> merchandise, designed to manage sales in retail chains.



Promotional agency PROMO SERVICE has been working on the market for 9 years. The company has more than 300 projects completed in various business areas. Today it cooperates with the largest Ukrainian and foreign partners – P&G, Duracell, SAVSERVICE, WINE TIME etc.


The agency's cooperation format lies in a kind and trusting relationships.


Each task from any customer is the opportunity to gain a unique experience and an incentive to development!



Company website (www.promoservice.com.ua)

Facebook page




effie> services are designed for effective interaction "supplier-trade outlet": effie> sales – IT-service of sales management in traditional retail, effie> merchandise – IT-service of sales management in national networks. The services analytics system allows you to analyze the complete information on the sales status:

  • Efficiency of mobile employees
  • Matching of the assortment matrix
  • Price cuts monitoring
  • Data analysis on shares and other marketing activities
  • Matching of facings
  • Monitoring of production dates



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Write to effie@ipland.com.ua or call +380 44 364 88 28

+48 42 620 03 81
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