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Duracell: Merchandising under control

Duracell brand recognizability does not exclude the need for maximum attention to all the little things accompanying the products throughout the supply chain, especially at the point of sale, where a buyer makes its final decision to buy. An important role in the choice of goods is played by the army of merchandisers, who ensure the goods laying on shelves and all arrangements observance in sales outlets.


Tasks in hand


The main goal, which was set by Duracell towards the IPLAND company, was to ensure the receipt of the most complete and detailed information about the situation in retail as quickly as possible. To accomplish this task, the IT service effie> merchandise fitted perfectly. After all, its main functionality lies in analytical reports generated on the basis of data, collected at the outlets.





Every minute is scheduled to be busy in a merchandiser’s working day, that’s why it is so important to respond promptly to possible technical failures in tablets operation. Technical problems with tablets are fraught with the losses of working time and impossibility to accomplish the planned tasks, but the situation is different with IPLAND.


"I would like to expressly note the IPLAND’s work with clients. Although the problems rarely occurred, all applications were accomplished professionally and as promptly as possible", – said Irina.


A high level of customer confidence and attention to its needs is a guarantee success of any project. Due to these qualities, we successfully implemented the IT-service effie> merchandise at the Duracell company and transferred it to maintenance.


About Duracell


Duracell is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance alkaline and special batteries, as well as accumulators. Its products are used literally in every house and 63 batteries with the cult Duracell hare are sold in the world every second. Since its foundation in the 1940s, the company has become a cult in the field of individual energy supply, winning confidence with their long-lasting compact batteries. And Duracell Hare is in the heart of all this.


Since 1973, the hare is a symbol of the Duracell battery superiority over salt batteries. This idea belongs to the Dancer Fitzgerald and Sample advertising agency from New York, who created a vivid advertisement with a hare, playing the drum. For 30 years, it turned from the ordinary toy into a popular Duracell symbol.


Today, the number 1 priority for the company lies in the development of innovations and creation of long-term quality for its customers and consumers. A long-term goal is to remain an absolute leader in the sphere of personal energy supply.

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