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Automating the sales processes of the largest Ukrainian companies, IPLAND always keeps abreast and constantly accompanies them on the way to increase efficiency. One of such clients is Nestle, whose products are operated by All Motion Ukraine, a merchandising agency. Together we have already launched several interesting projects, and the way this company recommends us once again confirms that we are on the right track.

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The Ukrainian manufacturer, a leader in the market of household filters, Ecosoft shares its successful experience in automating the company's processes, which helped synchronize the work of departments within the company, achieve transparency in interaction with networks and, as a result, ensure steady sales growth.

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Today in national networks there is very high competition among manufacturers, including manufacturers mineral water and soft drinks. To maintain leadership in this market, you must constantly keep abreast of the pulse, often making important management decisions precisely and in time.

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В сентябре 2017 года была издана новая версия Руководства к РМВОК (Свод знаний по управлению проектом). Мы в АЙПИЛЭНД изучаем и применяем новые рекомендации и всегда готовы поделиться с партнерами и коллегами своей экспертизой. Недавно провели обучение по обновленному РМВОК для руководителей проектов логистической компании «Ekol Украина»

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Sales management in manual mode often prevents business community from sound progress and market share increase. The development of ambitious plans invokes other advanced technologies – automation of processes, which helps free the resources and forward them systematically onto the business objectives achievement. Why ALBO company has decided to automate processes of merchandising and how it helps within the implementation of sales plans, told in the interview Aleksey Druzenko, Director of Strategic and Innovation Department.

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