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IPLAND Information Security Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is consistent with the organization's strategic goals and is the basis for setting information security goals. 

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The beer market is one of the most competitive and technologically advanced in Ukraine; its practices can be useful for other FMCG manufacturers. In order to maintain a leading role on it, its players need, first of all, to manage their sales effectively. One of the market leaders, Persha Privatna Brovarnya (PPB), shares its experience.

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How the manufacturer has time to “run” to each POS, expand the battery and establish transparent relations with distribution partners, - Sergey Neforosov, Head of the Audit Department, Alkolayn LLC, TM Bolgrad, tells in details about the experience of transforming sales management.

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Pay attention to the main thing and always be where your customer is the invariable elements of the strategies of international companies. What tools are used in Nestle in Ukraine in order to keep abreast and set trends

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29 December

Very little is left before the New Year. Summing up the outgoing, we thank our customers and partners for fruitful cooperation. Together we implemented so many interesting and complex projects, and how many more were planned for next year

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