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We provide CPG, Pharma and Retail employees an opportunity to increase efficiency of their sales easily and effortlessly, through our innovative technologies

About us

IPLAND — international IT product company. We discover new "out of the box" ways to solve business challenges by providing global SaaS services based on the sharing economy and artificial intelligence capabilities.


In addition to creating innovative software products, we provide a full range of services for their use: launch, training, administration, development, and automation of customer processes, technical support, and business analyst consultations.


Every day more than 27,000 employees of more than 100 largest companies, such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Philip Morris International, JTI, TEVA, Unilever, Nemiroff, Mondelēz, Balton, Global Beverages, and others, use our services to achieve their goals and increase sales.  We share the same life with our clients: we constantly learn, go out into the fields, collect feedback, and constantly research innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, and in solving business challenges of our clients we often go beyond IT.


We speak with our clients in 11 languages: Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkish, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijani, Polish, Russian. Our employees are located in various countries in Europe and Asia. 


IPLAND is the GOLD Microsoft Partner. We have received the Microsoft Partner of the Year status more than once in various categories. IPLAND became Microsoft Partner of the Year as the best developer of IT services based on Microsoft technologies in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.


IPLAND works in strict accordance with INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY, stated in the company.


All the processes are certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 27001:2013, which sets requirements for an information security management system.


Clients Feedback

Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine, TEVA, Nestle, PepsiCo, Duracell, KABANOSYPersha Privatna BrovarnyaAlkoline LLC (TM Bolgrad)Bon Boisson BeveragesKOMO UkrainePROMO SERVICESTV, ALBO

How we work:
ISO/IEC 27001
Our values
Trust Passion Simplicity Sence of beauty
Trust as the foundation for building all relationships within the company and beyond
Making customers happy is possible only by being in love with your business
Simplicity is self-explanatory
Sence of beauty
Sense of beauty
Attitude to quality in all its manifestations
160+ contracts in 8 countries
15 000+ users in 5 time zones
14 years on the market
120+ employees
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